1. 1. When Beck calls you out, sweet christ reevaluate yourself.
    2. Where is Diverse City by the way?
    3. They’re all tied for favorite. And George Washington is her favorite.
    4. Everything she said is common knowledge to a 9th grader, yet people listen.
    5. There’s no god, but somehow he keeps shitting on the world.

  2. Palin gets hit with another “gotcha” question.

    Washington was an obvious choice for her – but also a little strange as he was openly tolerant of all religions (and, horror of horrors, atheists too). But, then again, maybe she didn’t know that…

  3. Oo, oo, can I answer for her? I like Ben Franklin. He was a writer, inventor, playboy, and diplomat, all well into his golden years.

  4. “What a wonderful answer, Miss Palin! Wasn’t that a wonderful answer ladies and gentlemen? Tell me, what will you be doing for the talent portion of the pageant?”

  5. Let’s not get too excited about Beck. What kind of question is “Who is your favorite founding father?” Its a middle school short essay.

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