• Heyheyhey

    I was not expecting that! WOW

  • peach

    Well Said!

  • err

    we have to get pat robertson and fred phelps together sometime, and just wait for the gay love affair to explode.

  • Wow! I don’t watch Olberman on a regular basis, but saw this clip today. On the words of Robertson and Limbaugh I agree with him 100%.

  • Thank goodness that Keith lives in a country that allows him to say just what he said. I’m not sure who made him the moral compass for this country, not sure that his message is even right, not sure that it’s even being heard by the folks he’s directing it at. But just has much as Keith has a right to believe and say what he does… the other two have the right as well. Not sayin’ I agree, but let’s take this sanctimony and ad hominem back a bit,e h?

  • err

    im pretty sure keith wasn’t condemning them for voicing their opinions so much as just for being assholes.

    but i watched it over an hour ago, so perhaps im forgetting something and am wrong.

  • Sheldon

    Well spoken Mr Olbermann. It’s nice to hear someone calling out these political thugs.

  • LL

    Jeff, Limbaugh and Robertson do have the right to say the shit they do. And we have the right to call them assholes for it. I’m not sure why you think Olbermann needs tone it back.

  • Because ad hominem is a weak device. I don’t like what you say so I call you a #######. That takes no skill or thought and is rather childish.

    “I think that your political rationale and distorted views reflect poorly on the country.”
    “Well, you’re a poopy head.”
    He may very well be a poopy head, but name calling is pretty lame.

    Keith is taking time away from comment on the Haiti tragedy to excoriate those who he vehemently believes are bad because of their approach and method. Isn’t that exactly what Limb & Rob did?

    • @ jeff
      calling an asshole an asshole is not name calling.
      i’m sure you’ll agree with me that both robertson and limbaugh are assholes for making those comments.
      and if you don’t, then maybe you’re an asshole too

  • wileybot

    We need a smack down, they should put them all in thunderdome and have at it.