1. Is it wrong that I hate that kid?

    Anyone who had the misfortune to sit through the most recent “The Day the Earth Stood Still” saw one of the most obnoxious, easily-despised child characters in movie history.

    The kid has almost no talent, but Big Daddy Will will keep getting him put in flicks.

  2. It’s Jackie Chan, and they’re all in bloody Beijing.
    Surely it’s Kung-Fu that’s going on.
    Wait, there were weapons there, you see the kid waving sticks about. Definitely not the empty hand of karate, which is Japanese.
    So why Karate kid, and not Kung-Fu kid?

    In other news, I actually like the joke with the fly swatter.

  3. So shouldn’t Hollywood be serving a long prison sentence and be getting beatdowns daily in stir? Aren’t there laws against this? Why do I ask? Because the raping of everyone’s childhood continues. Hollywood has run out of everything.

  4. Wait. No “Wax on. Wax off.”? Somehow I don’t think that “Take your jacket off. Hang your jacket up. Take it off. Put on your jacket” has quite the same ring.

  5. That trailer looks so cliche and amateur that I checked IMDB to make sure that this is real and not just a mash-up. Tragically, this is not a prank.

  6. I am personally offended by the number of stereotypes I saw in that 2 minute stink-fest. Me, someone who couldn’t care less about another human being.

  7. 99% certain that he’s not old enough to spell R-o-m-a-n-t-i-c-s-u-b-p-l-o-t
    this could get…at best surreal, at worst cringeworthy.

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