• Angry Sam

    I wish Hollywood weren’t so dead-set on ruining everything fun about my childhood.

  • Bongo

    Wait! Hang on. I thought the writers’ strike was over. Was it all a dream?

  • Julia S.

    okay -am I a traitor if I got a little bit excited about this?

  • niel

    ok, when the first “A-Team” was based on Vietnam ‘vets’ who went rogue for-hire, it was fertile ground for humor and an occasional amount of whit. To do the same thing with the current quagmire when it’s not even ended yet (and is somewhat escalating), combined with the audacity of hired contract killers ala Blackwater… i mean, god my head hurts too.

    What’s next? Magnum P.I. where “Magnum” is an Iraq vet who lives in the Virgin Islands and drives his landlord’s Lambo while solving mysteries?

    Someone shoot me in the face, please.

  • Thomas

    ah, why go fuck it up?

  • I worked on this.
    Funny to see it here.

  • DreamDevil

    Fuck Hollywood.

  • kebernet

    Screw you guys.


    See, this is what people don’t get. Shitty-but-fondly remembered properties like BSG or the A-Team: RIFE for remakes. Michael Bay remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street, or that shitty Day the Earth Stood Still remake: stupid.

    You can’t remake something that was perfect the first time around. If it was generally bad, but nostalgic, have at it. Even stuff that was OK but not great, can make a good remake (re: Thomas Crown Affair, Oceans 11) This will either be SPECTACULAR, or TERRIBLE. Honestly the trailer leans me toward the former, but this is certainly not something I would curse “Hollywood” for … unlike a “Manchurian Candidate” remake.