I Get Emails

Some samples from my inbox today:

I’m going to put a link to your site in my list on my webpage. Would
you be interested in linking to me as well?

Hello CC

I was wondering if you would be interested in a reciprocal link exchange between your site and mine. My website is at [Guess. It will be fun.]. I will be willing to include your link on my frontpage if you reciprocate in kind. If you are interested, let me know and I will create the link.

Have a great day!

Hey Cynical.

I was wondering if you’d be willing to add me to your blogroll. I’ve been linking to your great site lately. Thanks for the consideration.

hey…really cool blog.
very well done, great reading.

i was wondering if we could exchange links?


I like your blog and was wondering if you might want to exchange links with my blog. The name of my blog is [notgonnahappen]

Sorry for the previous blank email. I saw your name and email address on a
website and thought you might be interested in taking a look at my new site.

If you are interested in trading links or something let me know. Thanks!

It’s good. Very funny

Anyways, I thought you’d like our blog. We’re probably the most popular “[sea lion?] blog” out there (1400+
hits a day) but we mostly do humor. Check us out. If you like us, give us a link, we’ll be happy to give one back. If you don’t, thanks for your consideration.

My name is Justin and I’m from [the internet!] While visiting your site I have noticed that you are collaborated with other sites, and I wish to invite you to work with my website as well.


Can I join your blog roll? My blog is here [ON THE NET]. I’ve just started it up. I’ll put a link to yours.



I love your blog and check on it often. Would you like to swap links w/ me? My blog is [so close to a link, yet so far]

Hey, I just found your blog on atheism and was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange in our blogrolls. Let me know.
In reason,

It was actually a light day for link exchange requests.


  1. You know, these aren’t necessarily spammers. Some may in fact be people who really love your blog and feel you’re both little guys (i.e., ignorant of the fact that you’re the #2 athiest blog or whatever) (i.e., they just wanna be your friend).

    Maybe they don’t get the traffic you do, but I think it’s excessive and mean-spirited to laugh at them for their sin in thinking they’re on equal ground as you.

    1. #1 I didn’t post these to laugh at them. I posted them as an example to show how annoying it is to get dozens of these a day.

      #2 They are spamming whether they mean to or not. Sending out emails in hope to further your product or blog is still spam.

      #3 I’ve never sent out an email to other bloggers asking them to link to me. Even when I was getting 3 hits a day. Even when I had no idea what I was blogging about I would never bother a strange blog by spamming them with a link exchange request. That’s extremely bad form.

      #4 If I did a link exchange request with everyone I would
      (a) Be dishonest to my readers. The blogs on my blogroll are the ones I read daily whether they link back to me or not
      (b) Have a blogroll that would take days to scroll

      #5 This blog is called CYNICAL-C for a reason. I don’t believe any of these people want to be my friend but are just looking for a way to generate traffic. It’s usually bad form to try to strike a friendship by asking for favors right off the bat.

      #6 This blog is supported by advertising revenue. The rates are affordable and somebody wishing to buy an ad for their blog are more than welcome to it. Why would they do that if I’m just going to give them a link for virtually free?

      Any questions?

      1. The etiquette is debatable. Not so long ago, the internet was “organized” by small sites reciprocating links. We’re talking pre-Google, but it’s not insane to think some people might still think that way. Check the resolution / browser stats for your visitors and I’m sure you’ll see many readers stuck in 1998. That doesn’t make them blameworthy, even if it’s bad form.

        Anyway, nah, of course I don’t suggest you add them to your blogroll just to be nice. But, if any of these are your fans, then I still say posting them to point and laugh groan is bad form too.

  2. I lurk around your blog at least three times a day -and occaisionally comment.
    I’ve had you on my blogroll for years now just cos I think you’ve got an interesting blog.

    If these guys really want a link on your blog – all they have to do is comment. I’ve had quite a few visitors from you this way.

  3. Mike, I’ve done the exact same thing. I’ve always just wanted to give people a headsup that I like what they do and that I’ve linked them on my page.

    I’ve NEVER asked for a link exchange. I figure that if someone likes what I do enough they’ll link me. That said, I don’t make money off my blog so I really don’t give a rats ass about how many people see it.

  4. Getting so many of these every day is a sign that you are doing well. All I get are those form letter type things with the same copy (“as you know, reciprocal links benefit both…”). Hell, most of the strangers who write me don’t even know I HAVE a blog, they are just looking to get a post linked elsewhere.

  5. Damn; I must suck. I only get about one a week, tops.

    (starts to carve cut lines on wrists – more of a ‘cry for help’ than actual self harm. reads goth poetry, and cries in a corner).

    Got a really rude spam this morning.

    Title: Hellob

    “HELLOB”? The can’t be arsed to spell “HELLO” correctly? Now that’s just effing RUDE.

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