I Get Email

Hey, I just found your blog on atheism and was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange in our blogrolls. Let me know.

In reason,

OH YOU MEAN I CAN BE ON A BLOGROLL SOMEWHERE? Hooray! This is the best day of my life ever. To think that one day I would be able to get my blog on somebody else’s blogroll. I’m gonna call everyone in my family to tell them about this!

(It sucks when you’re dealing with atheists because you can’t tell them to go to hell.)

BTW, asking me for a link exchange just means that I will never go to your blog. I’ve never met a link exchange spammer who had anything to offer anybody except annoyance.

  • It just makes me sad to think of all the people you are depriving of both learning about atheism and also the 1 Trick of a tiny belly.

  • K

    Oh, the dreaded, “in reason,” cliche raises it’s ugly head!

  • See! In times like this, we need a hell.

    Apparently, we are infrequently lost without it.

  • In reason. Reasonably yours. Storck Chocolate Reisens.

    Is Staks short for Staks of KASH? You may have missed out big time.

  • ethan


    • I Know!!! Spammers are awful.

  • ufff

    You’re quite an idiot. You could just ignore the email but no, you had to post it here. Pathetic.

    Save your “this is my blog and I do whatever I want” reply.

  • Laura

    You don’t need “go to hell” – wouldn’t “go to church” be pretty much the athiest equivalent?

  • Mike K

    So how does one experience “the best day of [their] life ever” and get to be on your blogroll?

    • I bet backing a dumptruck full of cash up to his door would work.