• Well if Palin’s a contributor that rules her out in 2012. I mean, no one has ever gone from a television personality to President before. Certainly not a Republican.

  • Goo2

    Ugh, can’t she just be eaten by a grisly bear already…

  • Goo2

    Ugh, can’t she just be eaten by a grizzly bear already…

  • J. Allen

    Your winnings, sir.

  • luvcynicalc
  • It looks like she’ll be covering the “Aww…” circuit – inspiring human interest stories. Even Fox wouldn’t let her speak on her own.

  • Debbe

    How nice to see that Faux News is adhering to their policy of hiring the intellectual types.

  • Mike K

    Her style of truth stretching (and fabricating) is just what FOX needs. She’ll be right at home.

  • I first thought this would keep her out of the presidential race but then realized she doesn’t stay with any job more than a year or so.