1. These are all great and true points, and I’m glad they were made. I just wish Rachel Maddow wouldn’t speak as though we’re all her high school buddies. If she and Olbermann would drop the funny voices and teabag jokes they’d be my heroes for life. To sum up though, great information in the report.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention… way to go on calling Giuliani’s political career dead! I mean if people are still hardcore in favor of Sarah Palin there’s hope for anyone’s political career. Giuliani’s idiocy is a flash in the pan at best and it’ll get covered up by whatever is on the news tomorrow. I really do like the points made in this, but I can’t stand Rachel Maddow.

    2. I don’t much care for their on-air personas either but people don’t watch the news for information, they watch it to be talked to. It’s all fast food, but at least Maddow manages to sneak in nutrition.

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