1. What about the Richard Reid bombing attempt? That doesn’t count either, because the flight wasn’t over U.S. territory?


  2. i’m gonna give giuliani and perino benefit of the doubt that what they meant was after 9/11 there werent any attacks on his watch, and assume they are forgetting about the shoe guy.

  3. Gobsmacking. I guess along with the shoe bomber, he’s forgotten about that little anthrax mailing thing that killed several people, the LA El Al ticket counter shooting and the beltway sniper shootings too. Ballzheimerz much Rudy?

  4. McGee: According to Hizzonner on Larry King, Richard Reid doesn’t count because the “shoe bomb” incident took place before 9/11.

    King, of course, excoriated Giuliani for telling such a baldfaced lie right to his face and threw Rudy out of the studio.

    Wait. No he didn’t.

  5. This seems to be the new talking point: that 9/11 happened under Clinton’s watch. Which I guess coincides with their earlier talking point: “Nuh-uh! You suck!”

  6. I’m sure he actually does remember everything that’s happened since (and including) 9/11. He’s just hoping that the rest of America doesn’t.

  7. I’m guessing Guiliani has joined the Birthers and Tea Baggers in the thought that if they say it often enough and loud enough, the Illiterati will believe it.

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