• err

    haha, losers.

  • Meg

    Only Gambit can pull off this look.

  • L

    you can do that???

  • Adam

    “I thought black would be a little scary” ???

  • Someone over at BMEzine got an eyeball tattoo a while back, apparently it’s an old cure for certain kinds of blindness.

  • Essentially, Paul Inman wanted to color his eyes but was too pansy to take the risk of doing it first. I wonder if Hamster even had a choice in the matter of being the guinea pig or if prison rules were applied.

  • Mike K

    Reminds me of Vin Diesel in Pitch Black. His character had his eyes done in prison too (he called it a “shine job”).

  • Blake

    I doubt this could be accurately described as “tattooing”. It appears that they have merely injected some type of dye under the conjunctiva covering the sclera, or white of the eye. The same effect is observable in the condition of subconjunctival hemorrhage. I’d like to know what dye they used, that would be….interesting. Still, obviously a phenomenally stupid thing to do though.


  • Ninabi

    What was it that George Carlin said about tatoos? They just make it easier for the police to identify you. No mistaking these two!

  • Mike K

    Um, fellas? There’s a reason there are only 5 or 6 people in the world that have had this done.

    Blake – do you know if this is reversible, or will these guys look stupid for life? And yes, I agree: a phenomenally stupid thing to do. They’re probably lucky to still have their eyesight.

  • My grandma gets the bloody eye thing every now and again. It’s weird to see it progress over time as it fills the eye then drains back out leaving the whites an eery shade of yellow for the next week or so.

  • hoff

    Nice try, reptilian overlords!

  • Max

    Remember the good old days when prisoners were locked up in a cell with a cot, a toilet, and a freshly painted wall to stare at as they carried out there sentence because, well, they were BEING PUNISHED FOR A CRIME?! Let’s get that Mars program going so we have a new penal colony.

  • Howard

    Something about looking at this really makes me want to vomit.

  • andrewn

    Looks cool to me…but I wouldnt have it done. Everybody needs to relax.