1. 1) Does your work know that you spend your days updating a blog instead of working?
    2) Do you have an office where you can do it in private or are you out in cubicleville?
    3) What color socks do you wear?

    1. 1) I get all of my work done and more and they are aware of my, err, hobby.

      2) I am out in the open in front of a studio audience who provides applause and laugh breaks at suitable intervals.

      3) Gold Toe socks of course in assorted shades of black.

    1. I really, really hate New Year’s. We spent the night watching House Hunters and then switched to watch Dick Clark remind me that no matter how good life can be, there’s a stroke waiting for you somewhere in your future.

  2. hey i have another question.
    what is “1337” or what does it mean?

    i googled it and it said “If yuo don’t now then yuo is a faggot.”
    which wasn’t very helpful.

      1. “Leet, also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 and l33t; eleet may be spelled 31337 or 3l33t.”

        okay, i get the idea, thank you.

    1. I’ve stayed at
      Bellagio thrice
      MGM Grand twice
      NY NY once
      TI once
      Luxor once

      It depends on what rates I’m given but lately I’d prefer to be more North on the strip, Palazzoish/ Wynnish area.

  3. I just had a shrimp roti with extra scotch bonnet and two cups of black coffee for a late breakfast/lunch – how sick will I be in an hour?

    1. Extremely sick. It starts with a slight fever and
      dryness of the throat. When the roti penetrates the
      red blood cells, you’ll becomes dizzy then begin to
      experience an itchy rash, then the roti goes to work
      on the central nervous system with severe muscle spasms
      followed by the inevitable grueling. At this point,
      the entire digestive system collapses accompanied by
      uncontrollable flatulence
      Until finally, you’ll be reduced to a
      quivering wasted piece of jelly.

    1. People who put ketchup on their hotdog should be locked up some place far away where they won’t be a danger to society.

      (hoping Mrs. C isn’t paying attention to this answer. It will make for a rough night.)

    1. I have Mrs C bring me chocolate cookies from Paris.
      I prefer Virgil’s root beer, Ghiradelli’s double chocolate hot chocolate and prefer my waterman fountain pen on nice stationery or a good moleskine notebook.

      And Cristal champagne for my nightly footbath.

  4. How come you didn’t like the 5th season of the wire? I watched it and sure it wasn’t the best season by any means but it was still pretty amazing and continued to drive home the main points of the show while wrapping up the narrative quite nicely.

    1. Well, first of all, I considered the other seasons building up to the 4th season which was just really might not have been just the best season of The Wire, but probably the best season of any TV show ever. So the fifth season coming right after that really brought the season down to Earth. Then there were several other problems with it.

      #1 It was an abbreviated season and just didn’t have the chance to build like the previous ones. As a result:
      (a) The new characters didn’t develop
      (b) The old characters didn’t seem to be into the whole staging the serial killings. McNulty was always reckless and fine, I could almost buy him doing something like that but Lester Freman going along with it? He was too calculating of a character and it just seemed like the writers stretching it at that point for the sake of the plot.

      #2 The staged serial killer plot overshadowed what The Wire was always about, drugs and how it impacts everyone around it from the detectives to the residents. This was just about manipulating the press to gain political favors. There’s no human drama in that.

      #3 The whole newspaper angle was… well, boring. Which was the most surprising part because that was Simon’s bread and butter. I blame the abbreviated season again for that though.

      It felt more like an addendum to S4 than a season of The Wire. And I’m not saying that it was a horrible season for a tv show, but for a show that was as hard hitting, raw and just about perfect in every way, S5 was a disappointment.

      1. I was also wondering why season 5 seemed to lack something that the first four had and your reply got me thinking how strange it was that David Simon would mess up his home turf theme. So i found this lecture he gives about journalism and i think he answers your third point at around the 39:20 mark and finishes off his explaination in the Q and A section at 1:06:38. I still think the homeless killer was enough of a jumping the shark moment to spoil the season though.

    1. Stringed instruments. Guitars, cellos, violins..

      No wait. Libraries. Heaven for me is a musty library with books shelved from the floor to the ceiling. And no cellphones allowed.

  5. would you ever consider forgoing vegas and extending that flight to honolulu? btw – new years eve rocks in HNL – live fireworks shows in every neighborhood and city/hotel sponsored shows beachside in Waikiki and Ala Moana – in fact we even made The Big Picture this year!!

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