I Need Advice for My Soon to Be Vegan Cat?

A person asks a question on AdviceBox:

I need your expert advice vegan protein to help Mr. Abersnackle with his new diet. I love this cat, almost as much as my dog. It is an old and dear friend and I have confidence in your decision vegan. I want to make sure that Mr. Abersnackle is not a deadly killer. It is a very sweet cat. All the kids on the block love him because he is great and friendly. They hug a lot. It could be an example of how we can all become vegan.


  1. My advice is to find another owner for your cat because your forcing your cat to conform to your dietary lifestyle will kill it.

  2. Cats cannot survive on a vegan diet; perhaps you should think about a vegetarian diet as many cats live on. You wouldn’t have to feed him meat or whatever, but she needs something like an occasional bit of cheese or yoghurt to give him all the nutrients he needs.
    There is nothing you can do to stop your cat from hunting, and in fact this is not against the usual principles of veganism. I cannot speak for you but in general veganism is a response to the cruelty of keeping animals for agriculture, not against mainly carnivorous animals killing other animals, as is their nature to do. It’s in your cat’s nature to catch birds; it’s a primal instinct that he has.
    You can buy special cat treats with cheese, milk or yoghurt (if you give him milk, make sure it’s special cat milk with low lactose!); this is probably preferable for you if you don’t want to buy normal yoghurt etc.; it sends out a better message. You will never stop your cat hunting though; good luck with his new diet! xx

  3. How about she (I bet it is a she) eats MrAberwotsits diet of uncooked birds and mice with a little grass for a few months first? Only fair.

  4. I checked the original thread on Advicebox and thankfully quite a few people explained the danger of a vegan diet for a cat. Otherwise I would have signed up just to leave proper advice.

  5. Cats are CARNIVORES… Feed the pet you pledged to take care of the food IT needs, and quit trying to cram your ingestion philosophy on it.

    Be a vegan yourself, please. If that is what you choose to do, by all means do it. But don’t punish this old friend of yours by forcing it to eat your diet. (It’s not a punishment because it is vegan, but because it is not the animal’s natural diet.) What next – you’ll force the cat to register with the Young Republicans or ACORN so you can feel better about it?

  6. A common side affect propagated by vegans who stupidly raise their meat eating cats as vegans is blindness. Cats need Taurine, which is found in the body parts of mice and other animals, or their retinas degenerate and they go blind.

    The irony of vegans actually torturing their cats towards malnutrition and blindness, to fulfill a ridiculous social neurosis, is rich. But the advice is simple:
    Euthanize Mr. Abersnackle immediately to stop him from being abused and tortured by the crimes against nature that you are forcing upon him and turn yourself into the ASPCA for animal cruelty.

  7. Capital idea. Vegan cat, why didn’t I think of it? If the cat needs a friend, maybe they could get a goat and feed it only meat. Possibly a parakeet and feed it nothing but Skittles. The options are endless.

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