1. It is a refreshingly new method of making someone confirm that an email address is in use, read by a human being and can be utterly spammed 🙂

  1. The proper response is:

    Douglas, thank you for your email and inquiry about Cynical-C Dog Feeders.

    Unfortunately the Dog Feeders, offered by Cynical-C.com, while heavily sought after, have been recalled by the federal government.

    The so-called “hideous mutations” resulting from the use of our Dog Feeders were neither substantiated (4 out of 10 dogs is hardly a majority) or documented to this distributers satisfaction (dogs simply do not “glow” in the dark).

    While we would be happy to fill your order, our merchandise is currently not able to be shipped across state lines through this website. Please go to our parent site, TMZ.com with any future requests.

    1. A dog feeder attaches to a meat grinder, making it easier to insert them.
      Typically using electric motors, they grab the animal and ram it down the funnel.

  2. Chris – I’d like to buy a cat feeder please. Please make sure it’s shipped overnight to my home. I’m withholding food from the cats until I have a proper feeder.

    Their lives are in your hands.


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