1. So many thoughts went through my mind watching this one…

    I feel bad finding humor in the mentally challenged. Unless she’s hopped up on something, then it’s fair game.

    Yeah, the TSA is right on top of things.

    I’d love to hear the music that’s playing inside her head

    Keep an eye on her shoes. Make sure they don’t have a wick for laces.

    Was they guy next to her asleep or in denial?

    SO many thoughts.

  2. Oh come on. Crazy people are funny. I wonder about the empty seat next to her. Was there someone there that just couldn’t take it any more and a sympathetic flight attendant let them move seats?

  3. I’m curious how the TSA let someone like this on an airplane. I mean, aren’t people like this supposed to be accompanied by an aid? Unless of course she was “normal” up to the point where she seemed to think she was on Broadway.

    I can see it now, mental history checks will be the next thing implemented by the TSA.

  4. In flight entertainment!
    But seriously, was this woman flying unsupervised? I was wondering if someone was flying with her.
    Was she traveling by air because 3 days in a car would be impossible?
    Where was she going? I wondered if she was being handed over from one relative to the next.

  5. I can tell she is playing back scenes in her head from Die Hard 3 to escape the in-flight movie. I have done the same thing, just on a smaller scale.

  6. I wonder what this mental disorder is.. there is a guy who comes into a bar I frequent who has the same problem.. we call him the conductor, conducts music that only he can hear.. have seen another person with the same problem too.

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