1. I blog at I, Too, Dislike It about various and sundries. News and politics and art and poetry and funny animal videos — not so different from yourself, I guess.

  2. Hi… we’re a mainly British kinda satirical sorta political site, who basically believe that ALL power-seekers are self-regarding bastards, though we’re also prepared to pull faces at the Yanks, who need it.

  3. I blog over at Agnosiophobia. The focus tends to be on science and religion, though I’m not averse to throwing in some random bits of weirdness here and there for no real good reason. I haven’t kept up with it over the holidays like I usually do, but I’m ramping it back up now.
    I have another (supposedly) communal blog for me and my friends over at When A Leaf Turns. Until a few days ago, I was the only one that posted there, though. That one is a lot less focused, and you’re much more likely to see a pointless (but hopefully amusing or thought provoking) post there.

  4. I blog about whatever is interesting me at the moment, recent stuff includes site meters, steam trains picking up the passengers the high tech modern trains couldn’t get to in the snow, lighhouses, marjory’s flying saucer, christmas camouflage for tanks, monowheels, ohhhhh and whatever comes next.

  5. About my very, very boring life. Although to spruce it up, I post the occasional music or movie post.
    So to sum it up, it’s kind of like a Seinfeld episode (Essentially about nothing)

    My goal this year, is to make it better 🙂

  6. All I ever blog about mostly is what I did that day (or week) or my opinions on things. Sometimes it’s just reviews of whatever I’ve bought lately, whether a Snuggie or the latest John Mayer CD. Probably boring until it gets controversial like my opinions about how 9/11 is overrated.

    I started on Live Journal here:

    Then I moved to Blogspot:

    Now I just throw stuff on Facebook now and then.

  7. I blog about my growing doubts and deconversion process from fundamentalist Christianity. My blog is a written record of my thoughts and correspondence with the people I used to attend church with. I discuss the ideas behind the false premise of biblical inerrancy, science (mainly evolution), and current events.

  8. My blog is called Through the picture plane.At the moment its my hyperextended bookmarks menu. As i was coming across way to many interesting articles and images to remember where they were, i started collecting them together in my blog.Maybe in a few years time it’ll have more of a focus and more substance, but for now its a good aide de memoire. Please excuse the multiple links from your site

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