Study: Nearly Half of Soda Fountains Contaminated with Bacteria


According to the International Journal of Microbiology, biologists in Roanoke, Virginia, analyzed 30 different soda fountains (20 self-serve and 10 staff-dispensed) for microbial contaminants and found that nearly half of them contained coliform bacteria — with 11 percent containing E. coli and 17 percent C. meningosepticum.

And most of the bacteria was resistant to some antibiotics.


  1. Obviously, if half the soda fountains are infected and there has been no outbreak of food poisoning, then the level at which something is called “infected” is below the threshold of concern.

    In fact, low levels of exposure are probably beneficial as the body can easily fight off the minor attack and at the same time build up some antibodies to help fight off a more substantial one.

  2. I used to work at a Deli and we would have to take off the nozzles on the soda machines and clean them because mold would build up in them.

  3. Nearly half? That’s less than 50% – the odds are still on our side. Besides, think for a second how much mold and crap has built up in the water line going to your fridge’s ice maker.

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