Post Traumatic Avatar Syndrome

There are quite a few threads popping up in the Avatar forums about ways to cope with the depressing fact that Pandora doesn’t really exist.

After I watched Avatar at the first time, I trully felt depressed as I “wake” up in this world again.
So after few days, I went to cinema and watched it again for the second time to relieve the depression and hopeless feeling.
Now I listen to the soundtrack and share my views in this forum. It really helps.

First time I too woke up and got that strange depressed feeling. That forced me to go to the cinema the next day. Again I got that feeling, even got it after the 3rd time. Now i think I’m an addict of this depression, and i like it, it kinda makes me a better person, or something like that. That’s why I’m here, writing.

Or from this thread:

The past 7 nights in a row my wife has asked me to have sex with her, and I just havent been in the mood. Scratch that. I’m incredibly horny most of the time, but I dont feel attracted to her anymore. The sight of her naked literally does nothing for me, and I’m frightened by that. Instead I imagine Neytiri. Her majestic grace and boundless beauty as well as the alien mystery about her. I want to fly off to pandora and live with her, to be with her always. I would worship her as she deserves. I’d do anything to just to touch her, to smell her.

She’s the perfect woman, and i feel like this life here has lost its spark. Where is the magic in humanity. Just a few days ago, my son asked me some question about what happened in Avatar. I dont even remember what it was, but after I told him, I started crying. Right in front of him. All I can think about is how depressing it is that I will never reach pandora. I almost vomited while I cried. It was the most pathetic thing I have ever done. Im in my 30’s for god’s sake. I have to remain strong for my son. Right?

The Avatar forums have replaced the Rapture Ready board for my source of cheap entertainment.

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  • yram

    OMG…heehee. You will return to the end of world ghouls because they never flag and Avatar will. You will be back!

  • Mike K

    Sounds like James Cameron found a way to embed subliminal messages into his 3-D effects: “Watch Avatar again and again… your life sucks without Avatar… “

    • Didn’t he do the same thing with Titanic?

  • McGee

    I haven’t seen Avatar yet, though I guess it really is a movie you should see on the big screen. There’s a real IMAX 3D about twenty minutes from my house, so I’ll probably go see it soon.

    I don’t care about the unoriginal story – I just want another kick-ass James Cameron movie. The guy is a great director.

  • Tanya

    There must be something wrong with because I seem to be the only person I know that has zero interest in Avatar. Furthermore I would consider having to sit through Titanic cruel and unusual punishment. Same goes for anything Harry Potter or Twilight!

    • You’re not alone, I had no interest in it either.

      • Rowley

        No. You ARE alone. Horribly, horribly alone.

  • hoff

    Most of them are probably just trolls messing with us.

  • I cried after I saw Titanic. I remember it clearly – sitting in the parking lot after the movie, realizing I’d never get those 2+ precious hours of my life back. Just sat there and sobbed.

  • Milo

    Sounds like what happened after Twilight came out and every woman thought their perfect man was Edward Cullen.

  • Abi

    I consider myself a sane person, and I really loved Avatar. The plot was horrendously cliche, but being transported for a few hours into a uniquely imagined world (heightened by the sensory effects of 3D) really did make for a thrilling experience. Fortunately, the world is beautiful beyond the theatre. For all the crud and crap and ugliness, there are immense moments of beauty on our own tangible planet and in our own tangible lives. I’m saddened to think that people seeing Avatar are witnessing the forced perspective of beauty for the first time. I can understand completely the desire to return to the world over and over again – and the ensuing depression when the movie is over…people don’t know how to find and hold onto beauty and a state of awe in their lives…some of them. The guy who is no longer attracted to his wife has some serious, serious issues to work out.

  • I was surprised this wasn’t about the Japanese based animation that my nephews seem to be so into. Not the Avatar I thought at all. So I was confused to see blue things and such. I wouldn’t have any interest in seeing it either way, but I keep looking for a little kid with an arrow birthmark/tattoo on his head and his plucky side kicks as they do whatever weird shit it is they do.

  • The funny thing is, most of these people would be devoured by wildlife within the first 30 minutes of their arrival on Pandora. My Dad said he wanted to move there too, but he wasn’t serious. Cameron did create a gorgeous, lush world though.

  • @FlamingAtheist, Avatar – The Last Airbender is what you are thinking of, it will be out at a later date.

  • The big fella

    I saw it, I liked it but it was just a movie and an imaginary spectacular. Sam Worthington was fabulous and he is an Aussie just like me. Now if you want see some really gorgeous people go to Seychelles, its just like Pandora, at least that place is real. People it was just a very entertaining movie; get over it.

  • The big fella

    Oh yeah, I loved the Lord of the Rings, real sad ending but I would not want be there

  • Bob

    I thought it was a cross between Shrek and Star Wars. The only depression I felt was over the ticket price.

  • Becca

    Ohh my god Chris. Get over it you sado, its an animated film and you should respect your wife for who she is and not be a pervert for a film, your being a bad influance on your son. plus you shouldn’t be imaging yourself runnning away to pandora and leaving YOUR family. Sorry if you don’t agree with me but you shouldn’t say your a horny obsessive man.

  • Becca

    i know right.

    • Um, you do realize that these excerpts come from an Avatar forum and this blog is making fun of it and not agreeing with it. Right?

  • becca

    ok chris no need to be all sarcastic and take the piss out of the way i speak. and avatar is a bloody FILM people should really get over themselves. GOD !!!

  • Avatar


  • Rick

    For those of you who are saddened by the fact that you will never be able to experience the beauty of Pandora, Steve Jobs has yet again come to the rescue. There’s an app for that.