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I’m outta here. Stay safe.

TSA bans bikini woman for ‘unusual contour’ around buttocks

From RawStroy:

A woman who became a YouTube sensation earlier this month when she went through airport security in a bikini spent a night at the airport Tuesday because of TSA agents’ concerns about an “unusual contour” around her buttocks.

Tammy Banovac says she is hand-searched every time she goes through airport security because she uses a wheelchair. But ever since the TSA instituted new “enhanced” pat-downs that involve touching of genitals, she has found herself feeling violated.

“If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault,” she says of the procedure.

Ricky Gervais Talks About Noah’s Ark

(via Friendly Atheist)

25 Years of Christmas

Every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs. This is a compilation of all the videos I could find. Relatives and pets grow up and disappear, and new extended family members appear in their place.

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The Last Time

Bohemian Rhapsody for Four Violins


Running Down a Dream Dance

YouTube user, Tengobaila, dances to different songs.

How a Quartz Watch Works

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Kitten vs. Reflection

Sword Tip-Eye View

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