• Abi

    I’m surprised that didn’t work out. It looked impervious to failure.

  • McGee

    A future Darwin Award winner, I see!

  • hoff

    I predicted the fall in exact detail. I guess watching a million youtube fail videos does that to you.

  • Erin

    Without even clicking play, my husband said “Oh this isn’t going to end well.” The true sign of a good You Tube video.

  • gruggach

    What a moran. Everyone knows you turn the laundry basket sideways so it runs on the ladder rails and doesn’t get hung up on the rungs. Get a brane!

  • Mandible

    I guess my imagination is far more disturbing than the rest of you. I predicted something or other would get caught in the ladder rung gaps and get seriously broken/ripped/etc…

    Frankly, I’m still a little surprised the kid got off so easy.

    • Suilven

      Same here. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to watch that. I have seen some brutal videos where I wondered if the guy survived. This one seems light-hearted by comparison.

    • Yes. I wouldn’t say I was let down; I still laughed out loud (LOL as the kids say) but it could have been much better.

  • Silly rabbit! Laundry baskets are made for STAIRS, not ladders!

    • ange

      actually they’re for trapping cats in and laughing like crazy and putting food in for him like he’s in jail.

  • Jan

    That could go wrong in so many different ways !

  • Mike K

    It’s almost to the point when “Success” videos will be the ones people post on blogs. Nah, the FAIL ones are still more fun to watch.

  • jon

    Whither keyboard cat?

  • Judging from my calculations, the tree should have snapped in half.

    • Dan

      I was thinking the tree would fall over.