1. I hope that’s not a prank with someone off-cam just moving the webcam around. If it is, I have a feeling HP’s lawyers will be looking for him. And if that is real, HOLY CRAP! Do no black people work in HP’s R&D department?

  2. OMG – he had me laughing so hard! Especially when he would sneak in the frame and the camera would freeze. Hilarious!

    It’s really a contrast issue – the computer doesn’t recognize his face because the color values are all too close – there is no clearly defined eye nose and mouth contrast – so he is totally right – it IS “racist” in that it can’t recognize a dark colored face. It needs a far more subtle contrast ratio to see his face. I bet cameras have the same issue! How ridiculous is it that they didn’t test more for that?


  3. Sounds like a feature to me…you’ll be glad the software can’t track your face when the inevitable robot apocalypse occurs….

    LOL. or when you move off camera to change your clothes and forget the feature is still on.

  4. A similar thing happened when the first sensor water faucet things in public restrooms were put out. A friend’s dad who worked on it said they didn’t bother to test darker skin – just didn’t think about it. So, the water would turn on if you were light skinned, then nothing for a darker person.

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