• Ronald McFlurry

    This many

  • Roadgames223

    I’m in a generous holiday mood, so I’m going to say 42. Mine being the “FIRST!”.
    Sorry, I always wanted to do that. Now when I submit I’ll probably end up being 4th and I will feel like a loser for the rest of the day.

  • Roadgames223

    See? There were no comments when I started typing, but here comes Mr. McFlurry, with his pithy little comment, stealing my thunder…
    DAMN YOU, MAN! I should’ve been FIRST!
    -assuming fetal position-

  • Dido


  • DN


  • Justin


  • A LOT!

  • thamentor

    Long time / first time… contributing.

  • Mike K

    Six hundred and sixty six.

  • dang


  • Stephen

    I don’t know, what time zone are you in?

  • Cornjob

    Four score and eleventy more. 🙂

  • err

    i don’t know, my crystal ball is in the shop.
    i’m gonna guess somewhere in the 21-31 range.

  • Angry Sam

    Levendy jillion.

  • I’m surprised it’s reached 14. It seems that everyone is either on vacation early or on virtual vacation mode.

  • mrclam

    38. I feel oddly confident about this number.

  • SEVENTEEN. What do I win?

  • Are you kidding? Day like today, I’d be surprised that anybody commented at all.

    Oh, wait. Damn.

  • Meg

    Going by The Price is Right rules…18 comments, Bob!

  • hoff


  • err

    speaking of virtual vacation mode, we’re having our xmas party today, it was supposed to start at 3, but here it is 14 minutes after 3 and there still arent any crumbs on my shirt or warm bbq in my god damn belly.

  • ange

    i ate 3 apples today for lunch.

    ..oh and: 35!

  • Abi

    I’ll bite.

  • Harb

    43…..what do I win?

  • Mike K

    More than it ever has before (not including the final comment).

  • Jocelyn


  • Dan

    Your only the second best atheist blog, so I would say 32 comments.

  • AmandaNZ

    Vacay? Thurp. I still have another week of work to go.

    Hmmm, I’m going with…50.

  • 48

  • n +1 comments. With n being the number of comments prior to the last one.

    If there’s a prize, I wear an XL shirt, prefer lump sum cash payments, and could use a new car.


  • the word my never know.

    • The world may never know.
      there, that is what I meant. Wow, I’m a mess today.

  • *world

  • This being a cynic’s blog, I’ll say:
    A suspiciously large number. Hmph.

  • Rampage_Rick

    End of the day where? Relative to the international date line? GMT?

  • hoff

    btw, Chris, if you’re looking for something to fill posts with… how about a few new “You can’t please everyone” entries?

    • I’ve mothballed that series for now for reasons that I can’t discuss at the moment.

      • you gotta be kidding me? fucking amazon had a problem with pasting the reviews? Aholes.

      • @Stewmeat,

        No, Amazon didn’t complain at all about them.

      • hmm, then your reason is rather mysterious, that or you got sick and tired of the people who actually thought those comments were from here and posted by cynical readers. lol

      • Moi? Mysterious? I’m as clear as the Charles River.

  • Trace

    Sorry mrclam…

    • mrclam


  • le_sacre

    “a quantum finish!”
    “no fair! you changed the outcome by measuring it!”

    • Claire

      I just watched that earlier today! I must say, it’s my favorite episode.

  • Jeez

    Long time reader, first time contributor (was labelled Grand Master of Lurking on another forum i subscribe to, so am determined to correct that going forwards!) I work with numbers for a living – the question Chris is how many comments do YOU want to have – we can make it happen! :0)

    • Nevermind the comments. Are you available to be my accountant?

      • Jeez

        Anytime! American tax laws not much different from Australian tax laws – right?!

  • Twintigress

    More than you’d think but not as many as you’d like?

  • I’ve seen all the responses so but I haven’t seen any “comments yet”, so let me be the first, “She’s on the heavier side of pretty, but I like her…”

  • incognito

    It’s late here, but it’s not the end of the day yet…

  • Chakolate

    I predict there will be zero comments. I know this because I’m psychic. See how well that works?

  • MadRat

    Has the day ended yet?

  • Thanks for ruining my prediction MadRat.

  • so just the other day, i was all like, hey, I want to start a blog, so I did and I made http://www.movieties.com so that people can know what I know about movie tie ins to their favorite movies.

    it’s awesome, and you should all visit it and comment in the comments about how you think it’s awesome.