1. I’m in a generous holiday mood, so I’m going to say 42. Mine being the “FIRST!”.
    Sorry, I always wanted to do that. Now when I submit I’ll probably end up being 4th and I will feel like a loser for the rest of the day.

  2. See? There were no comments when I started typing, but here comes Mr. McFlurry, with his pithy little comment, stealing my thunder…
    DAMN YOU, MAN! I should’ve been FIRST!
    -assuming fetal position-

  3. speaking of virtual vacation mode, we’re having our xmas party today, it was supposed to start at 3, but here it is 14 minutes after 3 and there still arent any crumbs on my shirt or warm bbq in my god damn belly.

  4. Long time reader, first time contributor (was labelled Grand Master of Lurking on another forum i subscribe to, so am determined to correct that going forwards!) I work with numbers for a living – the question Chris is how many comments do YOU want to have – we can make it happen! :0)

  5. I’ve seen all the responses so but I haven’t seen any “comments yet”, so let me be the first, “She’s on the heavier side of pretty, but I like her…”

  6. so just the other day, i was all like, hey, I want to start a blog, so I did and I made http://www.movieties.com so that people can know what I know about movie tie ins to their favorite movies.

    it’s awesome, and you should all visit it and comment in the comments about how you think it’s awesome.

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