• Jason

    That dude’s hilarious. Ballmer sounds like a complete tool.

    Oh, and before I forget, BING!

  • hoff

    This is too bad to be made up…

    What a horrible corporate culture. I mean, I hated Bing before, but now I can’t stop imagining the manic marketing babble being yelled around by Ballmer and Co. Awful. Just awful.

  • J. Allen

    What this reminds me of is actually when I read about the Scientology cult, and how the leaders there get everyone to do ridiculous things on complete whims, cause noone has the balls to question them.

  • Max

    I second that “please.”

    Ever since Gates turned into a “philanthropist,” things have gotten a lot more selfish around the Microsoft empire.

  • Mike

    Oh come on people – are you that gullible?