1. Doesn’t seem overly atheist to me. I like all the non-political, non-religious, non-confrontational stuff here. After all people need to have fun sometime.

  1. If this site is #2….there can’t be that many atheists out there.

    Just stirring….well done, it is the great mix of posts that make your blog good.

  2. I check out #2 daily, #3 weekly and #1 whenever I can work out how to spell it (not often).
    I rarely look at the others on this list…

  3. On the “FAQ’s” of CommonSenseAtheism:

    {1.03} Why are you an atheist, not an agnostic? Isn’t it arrogant to say you know there isn’t a God?

    To be added…

    lol….outstanding. G*d loves a redundant man.

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