1. Doesn’t seem overly atheist to me. I like all the non-political, non-religious, non-confrontational stuff here. After all people need to have fun sometime.

  1. If this site is #2….there can’t be that many atheists out there.

    Just stirring….well done, it is the great mix of posts that make your blog good.

  2. Absolutely put it on your resume, but try to think of some better way to say it than “Number Two.”

  3. I check out #2 daily, #3 weekly and #1 whenever I can work out how to spell it (not often).
    I rarely look at the others on this list…

  4. On the “FAQ’s” of CommonSenseAtheism:

    {1.03} Why are you an atheist, not an agnostic? Isn’t it arrogant to say you know there isn’t a God?

    To be added…

    lol….outstanding. G*d loves a redundant man.

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