1. The best part is that you know their viewers will argue that those numbers are right until they are blue in the face. Because Fox News told them so, so they MUST be right.

  2. The average Fox viewer does not have enough fingers and toes to double check the data on the screen.

    Besides, isn’t all this talk about global warming rather silly? I mean, even if it was happening, isn’t the rapture going to happen before then anyway?

  3. Seriously: FORGET the 120%! Forget about it. Don’t let it distract you from the real sadness of this story.

    Instead, notice the following: You’re staring at a poll that asks people: “Do you, random viewer with no scientific knowledge or additional background information but probably highly biased, politics/religion-induced views against global warming, believe scientists lied about their research which you always opposed in the first place?”

    The whole premise about the poll, the fact that this poll, accurate or not, is put into the same category as even the lightest kind of journalism is depressing. It’s like asking leading evolution biologist whether they believe in fundamental creationism. In science, you would call it a tautology. In common sense, you call it UTTER BULLSHIT!

    This stuff is poisoning news channels. Those polls must be stopped. The PR people spinning the “opposite side’s opinion” getting invited to every news show must be stopped. News has to be biased towards the truth again. I wouldn’t even mind a left or right flavor, but this isn’t flavored, this is like forcing the audience to eat up their own vomit.

  4. It’s not that Fox doesn’t know math, it’s that they DO know their audience. Point out that the math doesn’t work and you’re likely to get, “$%^@%^ you’re just making excuses, #$E% NASCAR, @#$%$*

    Reminds me of when Kerry got slammed for being “smart” when he out-debated Bush.

    Americans are unique in that they rally together to defend ignorance. In the public schools I went to, the smart kids were always picked on.

    There is solidarity in stupidity, if you can’t beat them – beat them.

  5. Who knows, maybe the numbers are right. What’s to say that, when asked the question, Fox viewers didn’t give more than one answer? “Uh, I think it’s both somewhat likely *and* very likely that they falsified the research!”

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