• Max

    It’s obvious he’s the “Rock ‘n Roll” Magician. He’s got the body of Elvis and late Jim Morrison.


    What, too soon?

  • Mike K

    He’s as good as his midi-driven theme music. Make of that what you will.

  • Finklebop Pinkleporkey, III

    Reminds me of Twin Peaks.

  • mudman

    quite overwhelmed by the awesomeness

  • What are the cutouts on his legs for? Watch out Penn & Teller!
    Stealing this.

  • I would marry him if I weren’t already married.

  • My first thought was, wow Glen Danzig got a case of the chubs, but really this is more like a deleted scene from Shallow Hal…

  • G-man

    This may be the most awesome thing ever.

  • G-man

    fo reals.