1. I’d never heard of this guy before, but i like what he’s saying, although he could probably use a more nuanced view of psychology. It’s definitely an oversimplification to say that someone murders because mommy was mean to him/her, but it’s just as ridiculous to maintain that past experiences don’t shape our actions.

  2. I have no respect for this misogynist git, especially after what he pulled on Connie Willis at the 2006 Hugo ceremony.

    Sure, being edgy with no gatekeeper on your thoughts can bring out some good ideas, but his message is tainted by what a complete a-hole he can be. And I’m sure he thrives on the attention it gets him.

    1. I hadn’t heard about the 2006 Awards “incident” but based on everything I have ever read of HE’s (I do own at least 95% of the stories he’s ever published), the few times I heard him speak, and the few times I saw him interact with his very kind and long-time wife at public events, I’m likely to to think that this was a simple stupid interaction between old friends which didn’t come off as Ellison might have wanted. I would say that overall his stories are more male-oriented, but then he IS a male. He’s written many great stories with strong female characters.


      1. Considering Willis blogged about how shocked and humiliated she was by the incident, and how it completely ruined a momentous occasion in her career, it was nowhere near a “friendly interaction”.

      2. Also, as I said below, why does his Privilige as a male, having an “understanding wife”, and having written “great art” get him off when he commits an assault like this? Nice guys don’t do bad things? The “good” in Ellison should in no way go towards letting him off the hook. He was particularly unapologetic about the incident.

  3. i attended a gigantic star trek convention in chicago in the middle 70s and harlan ellison was one of the many guest sci-fi authors. he held a small session in which he read an unpublished short story. say what you want about this man’s personal style, he still delivers truth — and that is more than enough for me.

  4. Delivering truth, the kind that let’s you think it’s ok to squeeze a woman’s breasts in front of thousands at an award ceremony?

  5. AmandaNZ, perfection is a difficult road. perhaps you can share some of your insights with mr. ellison so that he may learn. delivering your anger to me does not help the problem, and i still believe in what harlan ellison writes.

    1. Ok, not being angry at you just trying to explain the Privilige that artists, especially men, have. It really perplexes me how people can make excuses for a guy who basically committed a sexual assault (and it’s not a single incident – there are many times he has written shockingly misogynistic and angry editorial aimed at women writers) simply because of his “art”.

      Now, where have I heard this kind of apologia before about how a man’s trangressions should be forgiven because of his art. Oh that’s right…Roman Polanski.

      1. Amanda, I totally agree with you. It seems that main-stream atheism has begun supporting misogynists, or atleast being represented by them. Bill Marh and Ellison, and even Hitchens has his moments of bigotry. Why are we free-thinkers letting these asshats represent us and demean women simultaneously?

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