Palin goes birther.

Sarah Palin Says US Should Rededicate Itself to God

(via Atheist Media Blog)

And Slate had a Write Like Sarah Palin contest. Here’s the third place winner:

“Reaching the peak of Igikpak, that majestic mount, feeling the smooth Alaskan wind rustle against my cheeks, watching over this vast yet tender land that epitomized so much of America’s resplendent pulchritude, and slowly squeezing the trigger on the wolf cub I’d been tracking through my crosshairs, I suddenly felt in my heart something I had always known to be true: the capital-gains tax must be eliminated.”


  1. Can someone explain me once and for all where does she and all the fools of her like get that idea that the USA were founded in dedication to God?
    Have they ever read their own Constitution?

  2. I made it through about five second before rage seized control of my mouse finger – right when she started making assertions about God and what he did with this mighty hand.

    You know… proven, verifiable fact.
    Which, if Chris’ title is correct, is precisely what she was on about.

  3. What was she actually saying there?! Just vague Christian-sounding bullshit.

    If you were to take it literally, (as I’m sure she intends because she is actually mental) then she’s saying that instead of people (whether they be the public, scientists, politicians etc.) coming together to discuss ideas and facts, we should close our eyes, put our hands together and listen to a voice in our heads.

    Whether you’re religious or not, how incredibly pathetic and unbelievably stupid does that sound?

  4. The problem is, when you ask God what you should do and you think he gave you an answer how can your decision ever be wrong. New information or an altered situation don’t hold a candle to what God told you to do. It becomes pretty hard to change course when you’re obeying God’s command. That’s the source of unfathomable evil in this world.

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