1. Apart of from him being very well spoken he made the common mistake of attacking Religion INSTEAD of PEOPLE’S interpretation of Religion (2 different things).

    Is it fair to compare a world with no religion (untested) with the results of a world with religion ? Prove the world would be better off without religion – remember there would be no morals/ no consequences to think about in an after life, and basically the same rules would still apply – The strongest, toughest, richest, most thuggish would still rule over the helpless.

    Atheists may dream of a better world, but it doesn’t mean it would be.

  2. Dan
    You’re right that atheism doesn’t guarantee a better world; that is squarely up to the inhabitants. But, you are incorrect to say “there would be not morals . . “. Morals are not religion dependent.
    However, religion can be quite handy to keep people in line, to take pressure off governments (it’s god’s fault, not ours), etc. But that doesn’t, in my estimation, outweigh all the bad bits.

    1. JETeye,

      You are correct about morals not being exclusively tied to religion, so I should have left that out.

      Religion is seen as evil by some, yet as many (if not more) evil acts have been done by the non-religious (think Stalin, Mao etc).

      Religion is not destroying this world, we should really be blaming our governments, big corporations and our own greed.

      Let us not forget that “Atheism” is also a form of faith by definition.

      1. “Let us not forget that “Atheism” is also a form of faith by definition.”

        Except not. It’s just doubt. It’s a form of skepticism by definition. There’s no faith to “No, I don’t think I’m convinced.”

      2. I think the only thing stopping the religious people of the past from killing and torturing more people (who were no doubt misinterpreting their scripture *cough* BULLSHIT *cough-cough*) is because they were limited by the technology of their time. Imagine if the Inquisition could communicate instantly over long distance by telephone. Imagine if Muhammad and his forces spread Islam with automatic rifles instead of swords. Imagine if the Caesars had motor vehicles to round up Christians.

      3. @Dan:

        “…as many (if not more) evil acts have been done by the non-religious (think Stalin, Mao etc).”

        -Really Dan? The difference you’re willfully choosing to ignore is that Stalin, Mao, and most other historical monsters commit their atrocities regardless of their faith or lack of faith. Hitler was Catholic, yet that has nothing to do with his motive. Drawing a correlation where there isn’t one is patently dishonest.

        However, the atrocities that have been committed as a direct result of religion (Crusades, Inquisition, and 9/11 just for starters) are numerous and horrific. Can you name a single one that exists with atheism as it’s direct cause?

        “Let us not forget that “Atheism” is also a form of faith by definition.”
        – More blind conjecture? Why not.
        Actually, had you consulted a dictionary PRIOR to your post, you’d know that atheism, by definition, is a LACK of faith. Atheism is the demand for proof, not the substitution of blind faith instead of proof.

  3. Can someone explain to me just what an atheists is then ?
    Is their a definition ?
    Is it just a group of people united in their believe of no god ?
    Is it people who are just sceptical and who would believe in god if proof existed ?
    Is it just people who want to live a certain way without being told they shouldn’t be living like that ?

    Not trolling just curious and seeing what some of guys/gals believe and why. If we debate our differences (I don’t think we are actually that different) we can learn from each other. : )

    1. atheism

      noun the belief that God does not exist.

      — DERIVATIVES atheist noun atheistic adjective atheistical adjective.

      — ORIGIN from Greek a– ‘without’ + theos ‘god’.

      1. Thanks for the link, though I’m still slightly confused what he meant as he sought of contradicted himself with the belief thing.
        Was he saying ” there is no gods/gods – so therefore there is nothing to believe in – so therefore there is no lack of belief on the Atheist’s side”

        Isn’t saying “Atheists don’t believe in god ” the same thing !

        One thing I have learnt about Atheists is that they are all seem to be educated.

  4. Yeah Pat, I got as far as “bleating and whining..” and suddenly my symptomless coma-like state was awoken by your seemingly never-ending, er, bleating and whining. Try caterwauling next time, I might even bother to listen to your boring ceaseless ranting longer than 3 seconds. Maybe not though…

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