1. Yay! I love my senator 🙂 And while yesterday’s defeat in New York is extremely disappointing, the way this video has spread in the past 24-hours gives me hope.

  2. i hate to sound like a jerk, but talk is cheap.
    you can’t change the minds of people who live under a blanket with their eyes closed and their thumbs in their ears, screaming “la la la la la la la la la…”

    1. But she didn’t vote against it. So you’re saying it’s not worth even talking about??? Since when is something that you feel strongly about not worth talking about?

      1. nah man, that’s not what i meant.
        or is it?
        i dunno, apparently this is where my defeatism and my indecisiveness cross paths.

  3. Wow. Initially I looked at the length of the video, saw it was about gay rights and thought “ugh, this is going to be 7 minutes of stuff I’ve already heard before”. And it kind of was, but it wasn’t stuff I expected to hear from a senator. Truly an excellent speech.

  4. That speech was as good as Keith Olbermann’s monologue on the same subject ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIIcaDDyd_I ), which, incidentally, I saw only because it was linked her on Cynical-C.

    And this senator really connects with the audience – when it comes to delivering speeches, she and Obama would make a powerhouse team.

  5. Amazing speech! Diane is my senator and I have been supporting her for a long time based on her effective speeches and my agreeance with her on every issue.

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