1. Very true, very interesting. It must be incredibly hard (even hard to imagine for the average person) to inherit a war not of your making. I wouldn’t say Obama is inexperienced in military – he does after all have the best advisors he can get.
    I’m sad it’s ongoing, but I’m glad he’s put a time frame on it. And looking ahead, I’m sad the focus has shifted to another country.
    Still, do we (as a world wide humanity We) idly sit back and let war, human rights abuses and nuclear proliferation occur, and let people suffer? I guess I’m far too idealistic.

    1. It’s not the United States military’s job to be the world’s police or to protect the pockets of a few greedy powerful men. It’s the military’s job to protect the United States citizens against harm.

      We can’t go around the world throwing borrowed money at everyone’s problems, first things first, fix liberties, economies, education, and reduce violence at home first and THEN we can think about taking care of the rest of the world.

      You can’t enforce compassion with violence; It usually ends up preventing a pending revolution / civil war to overthrow the bad government and turns the populace against you in a show of nationalism.

  2. It’s a good thing we know Maddow panders her audience to just as O’Reilly panders to his own, or else I might be disappointed. How terribly predictable it was to see her stoop to those easy Nobel jabs.

    This black and white mentality people have is what’s disappoints me, however.

    So what if Obama’s comments mirror Bush’s? Obama, unlike Bush, has set specific time frames. He has set goals. And he spent time to set them. This is a sticky situation, this decision. And whatever decision he makes, people will hate him.

    The numbers of soldiers are alarming, sure, but it only goes to prove his that there is a plan and that he’s sticking to his campaign promises: moving the fight back to Afghanistan and pressuring insurgency in Pakistan. He’s trying to finish this the way Bush should have went into it. With a goddamn plan.

    Obama is a war president. There is no getting out of this. There never was. There’s no reason to point it out. These are cheap jabs, not startling revelations.

  3. She has a valid point for the most part, but it really annoys me when she is talking about what he is saying over a video of him talking. Why not show us what he said instead of her interpritation?

  4. She has no point. We attacked Afganistan when they were harboring Al Queda who attacked us and refusing to turn them over. The Taliban are Al Queda allies, Pakistan is cooperating with us and I have no problem with the CIA in there. Under her logic we should pull a full scale invasion of Pakistan if thats where Al Queda are. And the U.S. intervening with military action first is nothing new. Mexican-American War, Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Boxer Rebellion, Philipines, Spanish American War. Nothing new at all.

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