1. See, if this would have happened in LA, the fans would have just stabbed Rob, because people in LA don’t like confrontation. I’m not saying it would be a gang-banger either. Just some person who want’s their world back to normal.

  2. OK, I contemplated whether or not to comment on something that is so trivial, but here goes; I hate “Improv Evereywhere”!. Not for how they “trick” people. I actually appreciate the acts that they produce, it’s fun. Frozen at Grand Central was perfection. I am a New Yorker, and to see what the pulled of inside the worlds busiest train station was nothing short of incredible. Yet, I feel two separate emotions; A) Disappointment & B) Disgust. Improv Everywhere seems a bit crestfallen to me. Upon it’s conception and resulting displays, it was amazing to watch their unique forms of art play out. Now, with this and “Grocery Store Musical” and especially their put-on April Fool’s Joke “Best funeral Ever” the staleness and lack of real connection is apparent. In lay-mans terms, IT’S WACK!! (lulz). Stale…all I should say is stale. Secondly, I stated a feeling of disgust. Why such a hard term you may ask. The arrogance of this troupe is now spilling out of my screen. Their like Quentin Tarantino after Pulp Fiction, they feel cool. The problem is, they have followed up with so many “Jackie Brown”‘s and “Destiny Turns On The Radio”‘s that they fail to see what I see. I am only one dude, but there must be others that feel the same way. Improv Everywhere, this is a call; sick down at your hipster offices in the city, have a Red Bull, and get back on track.

  3. @ Sean, you’re not the only person who feels this way. Hilarious comedian Paul F. Tompkins doesn’t care for the group either. But he’s mainly against pranking unsuspecting folks, not the group’s lack of edginess.

    Rob Lathan who plays “Where’s Rob” is a very creative character actor. Watch his shorts online. He and I were on the same show at UCB where he played Jerry Foxworthy (brother of millionaire redneck Jeff). He also does a good Nick Nolte. Since you’re here in NYC, you should definitely catch him live.

    Charlie Todd, creator of IE taught my improv class a while back. I think he’s a visionary, and it’s neat to see his stuff happen on a grand scale. Especially a Grand Central scale. But you can’t please everyone.

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