1. Yes, have a good one all those on the other side of the pond. While you’re eating turkey, I’ll be trying to persuade Google to employ me, almost certainly at a significantly lower salary than my previous job. Redundancy sucks.

  2. I am making both green beans (with bacon, naturally) and a mashed sweet potato and banana casserole for tomorrow’s festivities. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  3. I just happened to find this website on a random link, and I have to stop and say… this is another one of those atheist-based websites where they say they’re posting their thoughts on everything, but I’ve read 10 different blog posts by this guy on here, and I’ve seen two basic things:

    1) He just posts random youtube videos, and then copy and pastes stuff other people say.
    2) He blasts Christians and Creationists.

    This is just smut. It’s a good thing there’s no laws against posting smut, and if he wants to continue to post this crap and pay for it… go for it man, believe whatever you want, enjoy yourself.
    However, if anyone really wants to have a good understanding of both sides (which, in my experience, the atheists typically do not), you need to take some time and read this carefully:
    [ed. spam link redacted]

    From my experience in dealing with atheists, it’s mostly a lot of ALL-CAPS and complaining because they don’t have any logical or scientific evidence for evolution (which atheism is based off of), so they rant a lot to cover up that atheism is a religion.

    1. Last few people that posted comments on here seemed to have their brains clogged with Turkey….if you don’t like something then move on…..stop complaining…Are you paying him to post on subject you like to read? No I didn’t think so…So, go have some more turkey and quit whining!

    2. If you think atheism is based on evolution, you’re overestimating atheism. Atheism is just the notion tha supernatural mumbo-jumbo is utter BS. Nothing more nothing less.

  4. This is a blog. Nobody is interested in a debate with religious people here.

    Anyhow, I’m not really sure how I’m expected to finish digesting the volume of food I consumed yesterday without Chris’ fresh links or a good Ingersoll quote. Coffee will have to do.

  5. Dearest Christopher:
    You clicking on the link that brought you here is traffic. Advertisers love traffic. Advertisers pay money. So thank you for helping this site thrive. Because of you a 1 a day Cynical C-alendar has a better chance of being made. Maybe it could be dedicated to you.
    I am thankful for Christopher.

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