1. That was the gayest thing Ive ever seen. Gayer than anything in Bruno. Gayer than Adam Lambert. And to think that Christians have a hard time dealing with and accepting gays…..

  2. Those poor repressed virgins. I think I’m actually conjuring up a slight hint of pity…. “give me that christian side hug” in gangsta rap form………

  3. I actually prefer the side hug because there’s a huge chance of copping some side boob, which is of course the greatest of all boob. I also go for the side hug because it only takes one hand, leaving my other hand free to continue masturbating.

  4. Anyone notice the melody through the chorus? They completely stole the Star Wars ‘Imperial March Theme.’ Even George Lucas would be embarrassed by this mediocrity.

  5. I’m going to get hammered on here for saying this but…I’m a Christian and found that to be hugely embarrassing and cringe worthy. They are not real Christians.

    And why is a Christian visiting an atheist blog ? – because it is a entertaining blog and has some funny and intelligent comments.

  6. I looked more into them, and on their Vimeo page they do a pretty damn good job of recreating The Office. I watched the whole thing (they made like a 20 minute episode) and it’s just like watching the show. No hidden messages, just them doing something fun.

    And then to remember they Side-Hug….jeez…

  7. at first I thought this was a joke, then I remembered how dirty I feel whenever my girlfriend hugs my wife that way. *shudder* hooray for side hugs!

  8. okay, what I don’t get is that the lead singer dude keeps grabbing and touching his crotch thru the whole song. so touching yourself is okay in public with your clothes on, but front hugging is a no go?

  9. Ahahaha.. Wow.. Are you serious? Hugs are sinful? K i thought my friend was kidding when she started singing “Chirstian side hug” At the top of her lungs.. Now i realize that this is a real thing? Omg wow. lol. And crotches grazing? What is up with you? Common now.. Who pays attention to that anyway? Ive never ever noticed that before. If it bugs you.. go to sex rehab.

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