Interviewing Sarah Palin Supporters at a Book Signing

On November 20, 2009, at a Borders bookstore in Columbus, Ohio, Sarah Palin held a book signing event in support of “Going Rogue”. Palin’s supporters wanted her to run for the presidency, but they weren’t exactly sure what she’d do as president. Short on specifics, most of them were uncertain what her policy positions are. They just felt that they liked her. She’s “real”. And that the solution to all of our country’s problems—health care, energy, the deficit, unemployment, and the economy—was to cut taxes and lower spending, and Palin, they said, would solve them by doing just that.


  1. I’ve gotta hand it to the republicans. They’ve spent decades under-funding public education, just so they could create a generation of clueless morons who would vote for other idiots that remind them of themselves. This is why I’m moving back to Cuba as soon as Fidel dies. Any day now…

  2. i wish people weren’t allowed to vote for a candidate simply because they like them or for any other superficial quality, like ‘realness’ or whatever.
    One of the reasons I’m so reluctant to vote is my fear of standing in line with people like this for more than ten minutes.

  3. Wow,
    Ok lets go to a Sara Palin book signing, interview a bunch of people, edit the clip, put in a couple of intelligent comments, and load the rest of the interview with the biggest right wing idiots we can find. I really love how the libs try to justify they’re agenda by portraying they’re opposition as a bunch of un-educated hicks and fox news as racist Obama haters. Wow!!!!, do you guys really believe this crap. How naive you must be!!! Lets get real. Obama is not the Messiah nor is Sara Palin. The media and the dems are obviously fearful of Sara, or they wouldn’t go to such trouble to discount her. I do think that Sara at least speaks from the heart and is for bringing Big Government under control. Exactly how many times do you think that we can keep raising taxes to pay for some new program or bail out some bank or car manufacture? Get real people!!! We need to cut spending in the Government and cut Government Jobs. GDP comes from the private sector not the Government. Seriously, think about it, what does the Government produce anyway?? How do they contribute to the economy? Do they manufacture anything? Do they produce anything that will boost our economy and improve life for all of us? NO!! They produce paperwork and generate revenue, from what they can suck off of us in the form of TAXES. If you want to improve the economy in this country, reduce taxes and give incentives to the private sector. Grow business, that is where the jobs will come from, plain and simple. If you really think that Government jobs via the so-called Stimulus package are going to boost the economy you are sadly mistaken. If you ask me Bush sucked, but so does Obama. When are we ever going to get a presidential candidate worth voting for in this country anyway? Our other choices in the last 12 yrs were Gore, Kerry, and MaCane. That’s a Choice?? Seriously is that the best we can come up with in this country?? If we can’t do better that that we are pretty much SCERWED!! Where are the likes of Jefferson and Franklin???


    1. Just one thing, Jenny. If you don’t want liberals to criticize right-wingers as being uneducated, perhaps you should take more care in editing your posts. I won’t embarrass you further by pointing out all your mistakes in word usage, spelling, and pronunciation. But you are making the point for us.

    2. It’s rather hard for us libs to understand your point when you can’t actually spell. . . maybe you should work on that and leave politics alone.

      Geez, you even spelled SARAH wrong!

  4. I hope Jen’s post was a joke. Otherwise, it perfectly demonstrates many traits of the Palin-tards. We’ll start with the total disregard for the possessive pronoun: “their”…. and then move to the 9th grade level of understanding economics… and then…

    1. Wow Neil, I am impressed. Palin-tards? How witty and cleaver you are with words. You obviously possess a mastery of the English language. I bow in the shadow of your greatness. You are obviously much more intelligent that I, and have a superior knowledge of economics. So please enlighten the rest of us less fortunate, on how providing billions and billions of dollars of social welfare to banks and auto manufactures makes good economic sense? Or how increasing taxes on business at a time that we need to be creating jobs makes good economic sense? Or how using so called Stimulus Money for creating new unsustainable government jobs makes good economic sense? Or how adding Trillions of dollars to our national debt make good economic sense? I know, I know, I probably made some spelling error, or a mistake in punctuation, which renders me a complete idiot in your eyes, not capable of rational thought. So you will post some defacing comment about me to make yourself feel good. Perish the thought that you could actually make some kind of mature statement. No, name-calling is much easier.

      Take care,

  5. Hey Chris, I know the deal here is Democrats=smart, Republicans=stupid. That’s fine and dandy of course. It’s your blog – you can believe what you want and only post stuff that reinforces your opinion. But the truth of the matter, however, is more nuanced than you may care to admit. Polls routinely show that Republicans are more politically knowledgeable than Democrats:

    By the way, it’s pretty easy to go out and find people of different political persuasions who say stupid things. It’s also pretty easy to selectively edit your video to reinforce your opinion. Wanna see some clueless Democrats?

    And no, I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I have open eyes and wear no blinders.

    1. I’m calling shenanigans on you, Dave.

      Your example of a “stupid Dems” video was not analogous to the ones you seek to rebut – the ones so often featured on this site. Yours was a video of people failing a trivia question. I’ll concede that this supports your point that the ignorant exist on both sides. More precisely, I don’t think an “Average Joe” on either side would have fared too well in this quiz.

      But for your example to be a validly analogous rebuttal, you’d need a video depicting froth-lipped democrats screaming at full lung capacity, demonizing a republican official based on falsified information, who have no idea what they’re actually upset about.

      Example: after screaming about communism or chanting “NOBAMA!”, an interviewer asks what a protester is on about. No leading questions, no trivia. A simple “What are you upset about?”. When the Repub mentions czars (for example), it becomes immediately clear that this ignorant activist has no idea what a czar does, who first implemented them, or how long they’ve been in existence. And that, in fact, they were first introduced by a Repub. Of course, this does nothing to quell their fury! And it becomes readily apparent from the bulk of media coverage that this is not an atypical Republican protestor.

      If you want to effectively appraise the message of this video, you’ll need to find a reasonably valid comparison. A fair example here would be a video of “Average Joe” Dems offering their reasons for supporting Obama.

    2. WOW DAVE! You mean a conservative magazine claims that republicans are smarter? Shocked am I!!!

      I love that the first question on the poll is about Glenn Beck like knowledge about him is as important as one about foreign policy.

      And nevermind the Repub vs Democrat stuff, they’re talking about Sarah Palin supporters. She seemed to turn off the intelligent Republican voters last time too leaving only the walking mentally wounded to latch on to her. You know, the type who cart out a republican poll to tout the intelligence of republicans.

      Hey Dave, do you think Palin would make a good President?

    3. Dave, there are two things I must respond to.

      1. No. I believe there are plenty of intelligent Republicans whose viewpoints I just don’t agree with. And there are plenty of idiotic Democrats whose viewpoints coincide with mine. But I don’t think there is any sign of intelligence from Palin supporters. And that base distilled into a line of people waiting for her autograph? I’m certain there wasn’t need for much editing in that video.

      2. You’re not a Republican or a Democrat? That sentence claims neutrality but your hundreds of other comments defending Republicans says something a tad bit different.

      1. Chris, are you saying you don’t agree with anything the Republicans stand for, no matter how smart they might be? No matter what they might say, you’ve already decided you’ll not agree with them?

        And you’re perfectly happy to have beliefs that coincide with folks who routinely do worse in political IQ tests?

        That’s too bad. Kinda puts you in the True Believer camp eh? Just like a religion – no matter what’s said that’s contrary to your beliefs, you won’t accept it, much less think about it.

        It’s interesting that nobody here bothered to take on those two links in a deliberate manner. One guy just went on and on about how the video isn’t a perfect analogy to the Palin video. Weak. And the other guy didn’t give but a cursory look at the story about the survey because he saw that it came from a conservative site. If he’d have bothered to look a little further he’d have noticed that the survey actually came from the Pew center, a respected and nonpartisan polling institution.

        I am not a member of any political party, but I consider myself a libertarian much more than anything else. I believe in small government that’s fiscally responsible and leaves businesses, institutions, and individuals to fail or thrive on their own merit. I’m a firm believer in free markets. I believe that charity is far more efficient and compassionate when it comes not forcibly from government but voluntarily from individuals private institutions. This might put me more in the camp of Republicans (in theory), but I haven’t seen much talk or action like that from them since Reagan, so I don’t support the Republican party any more. I certainly don’t support the Democrats either, as they’re diametrically opposed to my beliefs – they want big government and more control over my life – I reject that. Where might I agree with most Democrats? I suspect that more Democrats have a more realistic approach to sex education and evolution, but these are rather inconsequential issues compared to what they’re trying to do right now: Take over the automobile, finance, and healthcare industries, blow the federal budged deficit completely sky high, and participate in the same old identity politics, corruption and cronyism that’s been part of Washington for way too long.

      2. @Dave

        Chris, are you saying you don’t agree with anything the Republicans stand for, no matter how smart they might be? No matter what they might say, you’ve already decided you’ll not agree with them?

        Any other words you wish to put in my mouth Dave?

        The rest of whatever you wrote is just a waste of my time if you’re going to make up words to put under my name.

  6. I swear the guy in a yellow and black zipper jacket was taken straight from the movie ‘Idiocracy’.

    And the guy in red at 6:48 pretty much nailed it: “I can’t tell you that, I just believe it; I heard it over and over again” and he ends with “I watch Fox News a lot”. Goebbels would be so proud.

  7. Whoa! Check out the “Palin Man” in this book queue… this guy sounds like the “photojournalist” at the end of Apocalypse Now —

  8. I just donated $20 to New Left Media to support these guys. I live in SC where there are lots and lots of Palin supporters just like these who support her because she’s “real,” “supports freedom,” or “likes guns.” I doubt if there was much editing work to be done after these interviews to weed out the smart ones.

  9. You liberals are liberals are as stupid as dirt. You have to “doctor” media in order to support your half-brained ideas. You accuse Conservatives of being everything YOU ARE!

  10. Please. I promise you that the questions, posed the same way, would have ended up the same if asked about obama before the last election. politics is all personality, nobody knows what the hell they’re getting. Not to mention that the politicians change their tune the second they get in office, anyway.

    What you’re hearing is a lot of “I support her because she’s not obama,” but they’re not ballsy enough to just come out and say it.

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