1. WInning a political debate against a Palin fan is like stealing candy from a baby. I mean, I still don’t get why we have to be scared of this people rather than feeling sorry for them. Oh, right… their vote counts the same…

    1. For a moment there I wanted to say, “You’ve obviously never stolen candy from a baby…”

      Then I thought, well, it’s easily done – but then comes the screaming, wailing, floor-pounding, kicking, whiling, crying… which doesn’t stop even if you give way and concede out of sheer ennui and a desire for a damn moment’s peace.

      You’re right, it is like taking candy from a baby.

  2. I dislike Sarah Failin as much as the rest of us, but with the exception of that girl (woman? I really can’t tell) goofing the bailout thing, they didn’t seem to be that clueless. Grading on a curve, they seemed to be of the brighter Palin fans. I know that’s not saying much, but to be fair, the interviewer did seem to be harping on the bailout issue, even reading details from a notecard, then closing the interview pointing out that they didn’t have all the facts straight. That interview really does seem to be the kind of slanted media the Right keep complaining about. According to the footer, the report was supposed to be about “Palin fans camped out overnight at Michigan store”, not how stupid they are (and yes, I realize that camping out overnight to see her shows just how stupid they are, so don’t bother pointing that out ;-P ).

    1. I don’t really think it’s slanted. I think it just looks ruler-straight compared to the hysterical idiocy that we’ve seen in previous videos. And also one more thing:

      I think Sarah Palin fans are a self-selecting group who are, nearly to the person, at some level delusional about reality. Yes, that’s harsh, but can you really imagine someone supporting Palin for high public office otherwise? I’m not saying all of them sound like raving lunatics, and I’m sure they’re generally nice people who are reasonable about many other thing. But if they want to put Palin in the White House, if they feel she is a positive force in this country, as far as I’m concerned, they’re the mortal enemies of thoughtful, rational decision-making.

      And if that’s the case, I hope dearly that coverage is “slanted.” When you’re standing on a crooked platform, a vertical straight line will certainly appear slanted–and those who don’t see that its crooked should not be given a patina of undeserved credibility. Every reporter should be making them justify themselves.

      If that seems cruel or unequal treatment, then treat others the same. That’s fine, because people who pursue rational ends should have no trouble justifying themselves.

  3. “These people really feel a connection with Sarah Palin…”
    Because they are dumb as shit.

    That is the beggining and end of the Palin issue. Stupid people want one of thier own in office. Again.

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