1. More and more, I envision a future where you wake up to Google Alarm, have Google Cereal with Google Milk, get in your Google Car, go to work at Google, have coffee at the Google Espresso, get back home and watch Google TV, then have some Google Sex and go to sleep and dream about Google.

    1. Actually now that I have the “Droid” phone, I wake up to Google and go to sleep to the music function (I live in hotels), now if it provided protein life would be so much simpler!

  2. Me too….. And I do use lots of google apps.
    The one I really need is google search/memory/where did i put?/
    I use Picasa, photo managing sofware, free from Google. I like it… It just got updated. A new facility is face recognition.
    So it sifts through your picture files and posts thumbnails of all the faces it sees, asks you to label them.
    Label a few and then it puts together a bunch of others it thinks are maybe the same person, asks you to confirm….
    Don’t you think this is scary? google with google earth, streetview, google videos, gradually amassing the ability to put names to the faces it sees? If it migrates that across different users, it knows what my friends look like, where they live, who knows who, reads their emails, has their calendar, books their hotels, maps their routes…….
    dammit… then there’ll be Gphone and Gpod…. Gthought.
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist but…………………………………..
    Ecxcuse me, I need to scream right now.

  3. BTW, has anyone seen ads for the new search engine, Bing? The ad says that other search engines produce too much irrelevant information. I think whoever made the ad doesn’t know how to use a search engine.

    1. Bing is M$ latest attempt at a search engine. MSN Search and MS Live weren’t cutting it. I believe Bing is also powering Yahoo! search now. Or at least will be soon.

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