• Vlad the (legal) Impala

    Add some old-timey silent movie piano music and it would be perfect.

  • Rob

    Fake. Cool, but fake.

  • Sean


  • Roadgames223

    Foiled again!

  • err

    that guy needs to be more attentive to his surroundings.

  • Mike K

    I’d have to call fake on that. Reminds me of the “Bus Dodging” video from a decade ago.

  • Erik
  • Thomas

    I never understood what the point of yelling FAKE! is. But I can join in if you want me to.

  • McGee

    The point of yelling fake is because, well…it looks really fake.

  • bigjohn756

    What is a ‘track inspector’?

  • Thomas

    Yeah, but what do you get out of yelling FAKE! ? Maybe I should try it once.

  • Please, express your doubts over the authenticity of the video if you want, but just yelling “FAKE!” makes this look like Youtube comments section.

  • Bryce

    Not sure if it is real that he is so lucky. It looked like the train hit his leg.

  • wileybot

    Erik, thats sweet.

  • Mike K


    …There, ya happy?

  • hoff

    Fuck, how many of these are there?

  • Erich Schrempp

    Gotta say, the shadowing of the passing trains on the guy look pretty convincing. I’d hate to be this guy and have everyone think it was a hoax when in fact he really did have this harrowing experience.

  • Dbag Gibbins

    Its framerate is way too high to be a CCTV. This is a home made viral video.. Its even over 24 FPS and for a CCTV that’s unprecedented.

  • Larry Koepke

    I have to say “fake”, but well done. Draw a line from the end of the “inspector’s” shadow through the top of his head. Draw a line from the end of the train’s shadow through the top (left side) of the train. The lines do not appear to be parallel, as they would be if the shadows were created at the same time. I suspect that the sun is higher when the train passes.

  • Dan

    ok, here the 50cents worth of a train man.

    1) track inspectors dont work alone
    2) where is his vest?
    3) what is he checking anyway – on a high speed train line?
    4) the draft of train 1 would have sucked him right in to smash into it – ever been on a platform with a drive – through train? limit for that is usually 80kmhs and thats what the yellow line is there for.
    5) the jump looks rather odd, more like a marionette

    other than that well done vid

  • Pete

    1) No, not normally. You mean there is no such thing as a rash decision about fixing something without thinking it through?
    2) Dumb thing to do but not impossible.
    3) Not an argument. Just a interesting question.
    4) Notice he lie down after the jumps. This makes it much more difficult to get sucked in.
    5) Jumps relying on ultra-quick decisions can end preety odd without being staged. He reacted. Thats all.