The Michael Jackson Seance

Michael Jackson is annoyed he was not buried alongside Marilyn Monroe, according to a medium.

Derek Acorah claims he was contacted by the star during a televised seance and reduced fans to tears with his account of the singer adapting to spiritual life.

Acorah said the singer wished he had been laid to rest by his icon Marilyn Monroe.

He claimed Michael Jackson was speaking through him and said: ‘I wished to lie alongside her. I suppose it’s of no consequence.’

(via Dangerous Minds)

  • J. Allen

    He also said Derek’s fans have been struck by a smooth criminal

  • LOL.

  • Erich Schrempp

    To the weepy guy with the Sgt. Pepper jacket: Michael called. He wants his wardrobe back.

  • At least he’s happier now that he’s been re-united with his nose.

  • Oh, c’mon….he’s sitting right at the table with his back to the camera!