• I have done this except I did it on a wooden door frame instead of the side of concrete building. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • GT

    Is this the guy who was driving the forklift?
    It’s so sad, witnessing the Mcguyver-esque resourcefulness of alcoholics, but hilarious when I imagine this video with the Mentos commercial song playing.

  • Cornjob

    Zoot alors!!!

  • Alex

    you made Boingboing Chris! Congrats… Also they may have borrowed the forklift link as well

  • ksop

    WAAAAH, I love the French. So resourceful.

  • notcolin

    I saw someone try this at a party once years ago only they ended up smashing the bottle. Such a waste of wine and the red wine stain on the wallpaper and carpet weren’t easy to explain either!!

  • Definitely an “outside” trick.