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Day November 2, 2009

A Billionaire’s Restaurant Check

What??? $18 bucks for a salad??????

From Buzzfeed:

This is an actual receipt from Nello’s in New York City. The customer was Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who had no problem dropping 47k on food and drinks for himself and five other people.

Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Neon Nights

(Image from here)

Days of the Dead

From The Big Picture:

From October 31st through November 2nd, a number of festivals, holidays and solemnities take place, all loosely related and revolving around remembrance of the dead. Halloween, Samhain, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, the Day of the Dead and other festivals trace their origins back to Celtic, Aztec, Roman and Christian traditions. Halloween is largely a secular observation these days, All Souls and All Saints remain mainly Catholic observations, and the Day of the Dead is still largely a Latin American tradition, its roots in Mexico’s Aztec heritage. Collected here are photographs over the past week from the varied observations of the Days of the Dead around the world.

At Home With English

This public access show out of Austin, TX was intended as an instructional video for non-English speakers.

Are they assuming that all non-English speakers are retarded?

Angry People in Local Newspapers

A blog about…..

(via Vlad the Impala)

Question of the Day

I’m in a chapel
Visible items: Closed Coffin


Can Somebody Please Explain This to Me?

(Image from Black and WTF)

Morning Sugar Rush

Wilford Brimley cat eats with chopsticks.

How To Eat a Chicken Wing

35 years on this planet and this is the first time I’ve ever seen somebody do this. My life is a failure.

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