1. I wasted almost an hour finishing them all, only to find out that there’s a PAR for each one. No thanks, I think I’ll settle for a few bogeys.

  2. I’ve played it twice now… the second time was harder to get through than the first. ArrrggggGG!! Damn that “par”.

    Thanks Chris. I enjoyed this game immensely. Reminds me a little of the game “snood”. (if you haven’t played that game – STAY AWAY. It’s every bit as addictive as this one.)

  3. If you go to click on more games, this is based off of Red Remover. I never heard of that before either, but for more gameplay of the same kind – try Red Remover. 40 levels plus bonus mode plus 5 bonus levels plus a thingie to build your own new levels. I managed it with moderate difficulty, a nice brainy workout but not too strenuous.

    I had trouble with making par on some of the Pumpkin Remover, but it was pretty fun!

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