1. Animal cruelty or not I think it’s a clever idea. The caption at the end of the clip says: “No fly was harmed. The banner was attached with wax and came off by itself after a few hours.”

    I don’t know how they can be sure, though. I doubt they examined the flies after the stunt. 😉

  2. I couldn’t use this product in good conscience. I’d squish a fly in my home, sure, but tethering it and letting it flail around with weight attached for afew hours for my benefit doesn’t seem right to me.
    I dunno.

  3. The text at the end says: “The banner was affixed with wax and came off by itself after a couple of hours.”

    Eichborn is a publisher and its slogan is “the publisher with the fly”.

    Anyway I wouldn’t have problems with killing those little devils.

  4. I’d arrange those bug zapper lights, minus the zapper, at different corners of the convention hall and let loose a few hundred of these guys. I’d then turn the lights on an off in sequence to get them flying around in cool patterns.

  5. Yeah…umm…I’mmm gonna have to say I honestly hope the flies ban together soon, swarm around Eichborn, and maul his face off.

    And if someone could post that on YouTube, that would be great.

    Mmmm-k? Thaaaanks.

  6. I’m with Piri and Max. I never thought I could feel sympathy for a fly.

    Even if the banners fall off after a couple of hours, that’s like, I don’t know, a decade in fly years.

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