1. He created the video and hid behind the desk for the special effects. You can see the top of his head. It’s well-coordinated and a great demonstration but it’s no mystery.

  2. That beats the teacher I had who would randomly do an IMPRESSIVE Tarzan yell, or the one who would crack a bullwhip over our heads during class change. This was actually clever!

    Nothing will ever beat the poor woman who posed for Playboy when she was young. The Seniors would always hang a copy of that picture on her movie screen every year. You’d think she’d check it once in a while! Scary thing was she was married to the guy with the bullwhip!

  3. What a cool teacher. Alice Cooper did this trick in concert, except he had a slit in the center of the screen that he would walk through at just the right cues so it looked like he literally walked into, then out of, the movie.

  4. Hadda geometry teacher in HiSkool who was also the Secretary of the Magicians Guild in Cincinnati. Excellent teacher. If we moved faster than the other classes, there was a magic show, and he was a master at closeup sleights.

    Once he said, “Okay, we’re going to see a movie today, and I want you to take notes because it’ll be on the test.”

    The movie was a black and white documentary of the
    1938 Kentucky Derby.

    And yep, it was on the following test.

  5. as a fellow teacher, i gotta hand it to this guy. that’s a lot of effort. didn’t think he’d hold my attention for the whole three minutes, but he did. and it takes guts to try something so unconventional.

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