• mike

    wow what a throwback! great find

  • Brings back some memories. Win95 reminds me of my first civilian compy job at Union Carbide’s help desk, Win98 the hospital I worked at from ’99-01.

  • Mike K

    I wonder when it will be updated with the Windows 7 sounds.

  • McGee

    Ah, memories.

    I now have a flash drive that has 3 times the space of my first PC’s hard drive.

  • AaronD

    where’s Windows ME?

    oh that’s right, it *never* happened

  • The Windows NT4 sound is so 1990s 😀
    My fav is still Windows 2000. It’s the OS I used the longest (after XP), and it was such an enormous leap forward from Windows 98.

  • Peter

    I was hoping for a punchline. like maniacal, derisive laughter for vista.

  • PopCollector

    Windows Millennium Edition (Me)?

  • lumpi

    Actually, I always wonder why Windows 1, 2 and 3.0 are never mentioned in any Windows lists. Here probably because they didn’t have startup sounds… But generally I feel like Windows history started at 3.1 instead of 1.0

  • niel

    me too, Peter. I was hoping for keyboard-cat to help us with Vista. 😉

  • jon

    The Win95 startup sound was composed by Brian Eno. Clearly, it is the winner.

  • Win95 is my favorite. Now I’m going to have to go home and listen to the Windows 7 sounds.

  • Debbe

    All of them, lame-o! I currently have George Carlin reciting his “seven words” as my startup sound, and Firesign Theater’s “End of film!” as my shutdown sound. And the reason I even know about changing them was due to my exposure to Macs.