Movie Fans Might Have to Wait to Rent New DVD Releases

It’s like all the Hollywood Execs gathered together in a room and said “Hmmm, how can we get more people to pirate movies?”

For those who like renting movies, Hollywood may soon have a message: Prepare to wait.

In an effort to push consumers toward buying more movies, some major film studios are considering a new policy that would block DVDs from being offered for rental until several weeks after going on sale.

Under the plan, new DVD releases would be available on a purchase-only basis for a few weeks, after which time companies such as Blockbuster Inc. and Netflix Inc. would be allowed to rent the DVDs to their customers. The move comes as the studios are grappling with sharply declining DVD revenue, which has long propped up the movie business.


  1. i only buy used dvds, usually, anyway.
    when i do buy new dvds, its of movies that have been out for ages, and are on sale at amazon for $7.99

    anyway when something new is coming out i rarely think to get it up on my queue until it’s been marked “long wait”, at which point i just forget about it for a while.

  2. I’ve just about stopped buying DVDs completely since I got on Netflix. Why take up space in your house with a movie you’ll only watch once or twice ever?

    There’s so much to watch online that it’s never a major bother to wait for it.

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