• Woj

    This is one of the coolest more interesting videos i have ever seen on the internet

  • Angry Sam

    David Attenborough rules.

  • Erich Schrempp

    Oh, sure, but let’s see them BLAST their anvils 200 ft. into the air, with the 1812 Overture as accompaniment! Then I’ll be impressed.

  • dafluke

    from BBC’s Natural World (2008) “Clever Monkeys”

  • lumpi

    3:50 … Now way!

  • Mike K

    Pretty amazing.

  • Tangman

    Those must be some seriously tasty nuts…

  • Slippery slope, people. First they learn to use our tools, then they come in and take all of our jobs. And then they’ll want healthcare. Between the monkeys and the bloodthirsty robots, I feel disrespected as a hardworking American.

  • Stephen

    Why I love Attenborough! New episode Monday, but I’ll miss it since I’m going to see Stewart Lee live! Will have to catch the ‘Life’ repeat next Saturday, such a wait 🙁

  • Axton

    Why is nature so amazing? Also, that jaguar is beautiful.

  • I’m with The LHS – first robots & monkeys, what next? Ninjas and pirates?! Good gravy! What if this semi-sapience eventually extends to (gasp! choke!)… clowns?

  • Justin

    I heard several species of monkey have already legalized gay marriage.

  • Has anyone checked for a large black monolith nearby??

    (The Strauss is a nice reference – I assume intentional?)

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I bet those monkeys taste delicious!

  • Dr. dave: at about the 2-minute mark, with the slow-mo and all it’s a direct reference to 2001. They should have played ‘Also spracht Zarathustra’ to make it completely obvious. But the Blue Danube Waltz is subtler 😉

    What do creationists have to say about this by the way, and all it implies about the supposed uniqueness of human intelligence?