Question of the Day

I’m an idiot.(Not a question. This is a fact.) Two weeks ago, I put my iPod down on a seat on the commuter train and left it there. The question today is, do you think that somebody turned it in to Lost and Found?

Did Chris get his lost iPod returned to him?
Yes, some kind person found it and turned it in to the Lost and Found.
Are you fucking kidding me? Of course not. People suck.
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And here are the results of yesterday’s poll:

It seems that 37% of Cynical-C readers still harbor some faith in the kindness of strangers. Suckers.

That iPod is long gone. I’ve called Lost and Found a few times to no avail. (Oh, it was a 30gb iPod classic video one that I lost. Which I used only about half of capacity. )

And if you want to know where my feelings lie on the kindness of strangers, I actually bought a replacement iPod before even bothering to call the Lost and Found. But at least I still called. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope left in me. Sucker.

So I guess the lesson in all this is… buy a Zune.