Yahoo! Answers Jeopardy

The Great October Link Drought continues so let’s play some Yahoo! Answers Jeopardy.

For those who are new to this, we take an answer from Yahoo! Answers and you need to tell us what was the question. Here’s your clue:

I suppose it may kill her which will aid weight loss.

Answers must be in the form of a question.


And the correct question is:


  1. My girlfriend just found out she has a tapeworm. She wants to keep it in a little longer to lose more weight. Any thoughts on the tapeworm diet and its hazards?

  2. My wife read an ad in Cosmo about Ebolite, the new ebola-based weight loss supplement. Could you let me know of any significant potential side effects?

  3. My mom is going to go appear on TV next month and people are saying she will get ‘eaten alive’, but I thought the shows host was always trying to loose weight? What do you think will happen?
    Bristol, Alaska (just next to Russia)

  4. awww, you gave us the answer too fast 🙁
    classic question though… ‘doesn’t seem like a very good idea to me’??? Parenting fail!

  5. Claire Wins again!
    Would she had known the question was coming from the Bible Belt,
    I’m sure she would have answered spot-on!

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