1. @ “Erich is Dumb”

    Maybe you’re right, but at least I put my real name on what I say. Also, the word is you’re, not youre. As long as I’m going to be called mean, I might as well get my money’s worth.

  2. Not sure if Erich is a troll or is just very dim. I thought the “Photoshopped” comment was facetious, at least. Maybe it wasn’t. In any case, the sanctimony is unbearable. I’M AHT

  3. C’mon you guys. You just all followed the classic internet debate rules on a funny video.

    “Photoshopped!->Use prpr name!->ur stoopid!->am not!->Grammar nazi!->ur all idiots!”

    Meanwhile…I think it’s faked.

  4. I just noticed the cat disappearing from sight, and coming down too quickly for it to be real. Still I laughed heartily and told all my friends 😀

  5. Whether they used Photoshop or scotch tape and cutouts, they forgot to make the cat cast a shadow.

    Or, if you prefer: come on dont be dum guys you shudnt bleve all teh stuf on teh innannats

  6. Whether fake or not, this guy should be hanged. Not so much for possibly hurting a cat, but because he is break dancing.
    Freakn’ break dancing.

    Don’t forget to salute when you pass by this “Major Douche bag.”

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