1. You know – I would still like to not be bankrupted by let’s say, a car accident and physical therapy. Maybe the survival rates aren’t as great in Europe, but let’s look at OVERALL care – like a broken arm, etc etc.

    Have we also looked at statistics here for people who get false positives and get killed by chemo? I had a friend who died from treatments for breast cancer THAT THEY NEVER PROVED SHE HAD!!! (they conveniently kept losing her lab results but scheduled her for treatments) Remember – cancer is big money here!

    ANYTHING is better than the hell we are living with here. Keep in mind – the survival rate may be better – but what is the quality of life, and is insurance paying for it or – are we going bankrupt to stay alive?

    The point was BANKRUPTCY!

  2. Hahaha, the first comment being about the nice woman behind the Senator. Well, she was the first thing I noticed when the video started playing. Actually had to play the first 20 seconds again, as I failed to notice what was being discussed. But yeah this Al Franken guy seems to be on the ball. A question: is the ‘D’ beside Minnesota a ‘D’ for Democrat? He sounds like a Democrat anyway

  3. Still JD, the whole cancer act was a red herring on her part, and had nothing to do with the topic at hand (bankruptcy).

    If American clinics actually do have better cancer fighting methods, then there’s nothing to suggest that wouldn’t sustain if the cost were paid by taxpayers and not the victims. Also, those who paid for supreme care would still be able to, the idea of healthcare is about helping those who could not afford chemo and die, so I don’t imagine the cancer death rates would go up, except maybe because we’d start counting more cases since people would be more willing to get their lumps checked out.

  4. @ Julia S.
    I was thinking the same thing, and was waiting for Al to bring that up. Maybe he (unlike the woman in the video) was just staying on the topic of corporate bankruptcy.

  5. This whole cancer surviving rate thing is a bit of a funny argument. Given the numbers JD is referencing are actually correct, life expectancy in the countries Franken mentions are still higher than in the US.

  6. I agree with everyone that the healthcare system is broken – I just recieved an 800$ bill for getting stitches when I sliced open my finger with hedge clippers (that’s 100$ a stitch people). I just don’t like to take anyone’s words at face value even when I agree with what they’re saying. Everyone has a motive to spin.

  7. JD, the chart doesn’t really go against Franken’s argument. Franken is saying that the US numbers are including a lot more ‘easily survivable’ cancers that wouldn’t go into the other numbers. This bumps up the US ‘survival rate’ relative to the others. It explains this at the bottom:

    “In other words, [more testing in the US] turn up minor cancers that may never have progressed to full-blown neoplasms. Yet, they are treated anyway since determining which ones will progress is impossible at that early stage.”

    It’s saying the numbers going into the US rate are casting a wider net covering more cancers that people would likely have survived anyway, whereas the numbers for the other countries are tending to measure more severe cases, which of course will lead to a lower survival rate among the measured cases, in the end making it hard to compare the rates.

    A better measure might be what portion of the populations actually die of cancer. On this measure the US looks pretty average:

  8. @ JD:

    I totally agree, I just went the past year recovering from a motorcycle accident and 6 surgeries. I even had good insurance and now am looking at bankruptcy as an option for the crazy cost.

  9. Al Franken speaks words of wisdom. I am SOOOOO happy he FINALLY won. We need to rid Corporate Communism. Health care should be a human right. Using the health care industry as a profitable organization has gotten us into all of this mess. I’m happy to see Al step up. That was awesome!

  10. *facepalm* Nice objectifying of a woman there, peeps.

    “I just recieved an 800$ bill for getting stitches when I sliced open my finger with hedge clippers”

    o.0 When I fell off my bike a few years back, the cost of A&E and x-rays cost me *furious calculations, paper spews out top of calculator* absolutely nothing. Damn our socialist commie nationalized government funded health care.

  11. It’s nice Franken is here to balance out Bachmann.

    And as a side note–I didn’t even notice the chick. She’s not that hot–she looks like my sister…

  12. Hey, buffalo, do you mind if I ask how your medical bills got so high? I’m curious because most employer-sponsored policies (that I’m familiar with, anyway) have an annual out-of-pocket maximum of around 2K to 5K or so for an individual. I’m not disputing you, because healthcare reform is one of causes I champion. I’d just like to know how that happened to you. And also, I’m very sorry to hear about it.

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